Hyundai Trucks are like a reliable partner always ready to work. These trucks have been engineered to be the best in class.

Every detail reflects Hyundai's commitment to innovation and quality, but if something does go wrong you can be confident knowing that your truck has warranty covered by Hyundai as follows:

Model Standard Manufacturer's Wrranty (whichever comes first)
Mighty - Light Duty Truck 3 Years / 2,000,000 kilometres
Xcient - Heavy Duty Truck 3 Years / 2,000,000 kilometres

Hyundai Trucks Newcastle provides limited warranty for your Hyundai truck.

This warranty only applies to you Hyundai Truck, on the condition that it has been used under normal use with reasonable care in accordance with Hyundai's instruction in the owner's manual.

Your Hyundai truck will be repaired free of charge by Hyundai Trucks Newcastle, if at their sole discretion, it is found to be faulty within warranty period.

Hyundai or Hyundai Trucks Newcastle reserve the right to make the final decision in all warranty claim defects.

Hyundai Trucks Newcastle

Owner's Responsibilty

  • Proper use and maintenance of your Hyundai Truck in accordance with the instructions specified in the owner's manual by certified technicians in authorised service centres fitting genuine parts only.
  • Retention of maintenance service records.
  • Daily Care / Routine checks in accordance with instruction of the owner's manual.
Hyundai Trucks Newcastle

Warranty Exclusions

  • Tyres-are not covered by this warranty, unless a manufacturing defect is detected.
  • Batteries-are warranted for 12 Months from the date of purchase.
  • Maintenance Items-Service Items such as brake/clutch/filters/wiper rubbers etc
  • Damage-Caused by an accident/fire/theft/flood/hail/salt etc
  • Misuse-or abuse of the truck by overloading/ use of incorrect tyres/ grades of fuel & oils, coolants or lubricants etc
  • Failure-to carry out proper servicing or maintenance.

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