Hyundai Xcient.

With a long history in heavy trucks, Hyundai Trucks Australia is proud to be bringing the Xcient to Australian roads and highways. The Xcient combines Hyundai’s acclaimed world-class diesel engine technology with proven European transmission in a truck built for performance

The smart driving space presented only by Xcient

A total of about 100 functions including a crash pad with optimally arranged hand-reach switches, audio, multi-display, Bluetooth, hands-free system, cruise switch add comfort to your driving.

Peninsula Hyundai Trucks & Bus

Hyundai Trucks - Xcient Powertec engine (D6CE52)

  • Max. power: 520 ps
  • Max. Torque: 255 kg·m
  • Displacement: 12,920 cc
  • Euro 5
  • 520PS/255kg·m (2,550Nm)

Disc Brakes

Automatic (ECAS) 4-bag type air-suspension


Powerful Diesel EngineFront frame & high-tensile chassis


Anti-locking brake system (ABS) with ASR (Anti-slip regulator)

Anti-locking brake system (ABS) brings the vehicle to a safe, controlled stop and is particularly advantageous whilst driving under slippery road conditions. The driver can apply maximum pressure on the brake pedal without worrying about wheel lock, skidding and subsequent loss of control. With ABS/ASR, the driver can maintain full directional stability of the vehicle at all times and avoid potentially dangerous situations.


New profile seat (driver's seat)

New profile seat

(driver's seat)

  • Cold / warm air ventilation
  • Leather covering
  • Belt-in-seat
  • Seat operating on the bed
  • Air suspension

(Multi function seat)


The completion of the advanced style

Creamy White

Creamy White


Hyundai Trucks Newcastle
Hyundai Trucks Newcastle
Hyundai Trucks Newcastle
Hyundai Trucks Newcastle
Hyundai Trucks Newcastle
Hyundai Trucks Newcastle
Hyundai Trucks Newcastle

5-Year Warranty

Or 300,000KM with 24/7 Hyundai Truck Nationwide Roadside Assistance You're never alone on the road in a Hyundai Mighty series truck nationwide roadside assist.

Factory Built, Ready to Work

Quality Engineered Pantech's in two body sizes both with dual rear opening doors.(Passenger side door optional)

Rear step and grab handles for easy access. Tie rails or E-Track restraint systems are available as an option

Hyundai Trucks

All Hyundai trucks are wide cabs to ensure that the three occupants have maximum comfort whilst the driver enjoys the comfort of a drivers suspension seat, bluetooth, cruise control and heated remote electric mirrors to make driving even easier. Each of these trucks have four wheel disk brakes with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and daytime running lamps for your added safety. The Easy Hill Start (EHS) feature ensures the vehicle does not roll back when you are situated on a gradient. Remote foldable smart key ensures vehicle security at all times. Can be fitted with a genuine factory bullbar.

The completion of the advanced style

XCIENT cab with higher full height (STD : 3,230mm, HIGH: 3,650mm) and longer full length (2,340mm) with the availability of more space, experience more comfort and freedom as you drive.

Cabin Variant

Wider space for a more comfortable driving experience Its optimum space allows for freer indoor movement and activity.

CabinLengthWidthHeightInternal HeightEngine Tunnel Bed size
XCIENT (QZ)2,3402,4903,6501,895190800


The reliable and trustworthy durability

As the tilt angle of the cab increases to a maximum of 61 °, the tilting cylinder is enlarged to secure the volume of the tilting pump reservoir, and the upper protection cover prevents oil leakage

Retarder (Option)

This retarder system not only reduces the maintenance cost of a vehicle but also drastically improves driving safety and brake performance by increasing the life of the brake lining by four times.

Rear air Suspension

Rear air suspension 4 x 2 tractor Automatic (ECAS) 4-bag type air-suspension.

Bumper-integrated front folding steps

For easier maintenance of more parts compared to the previously applied maintenance panel opening

Cabin Suspension

Integrated spring and shock absorber, enlarged shock absorber size generate lower vibration and better absorption of up/down pitching. Lateral shock absorber applied lower left & right vibration.


Experience the truck of the future

With ABS/ASR, the driver can maintain full directional stability of the vehicle at all times, as well as avoid potentially dangerous situations. Is advantageous whilst driving under slippery road conditions

Durability (extreme low-temperature tests)

To apply powerful durability as much as possible, Xcient has completed extreme low-temperature tests in Ivalo, Finland and proved its strong power and durability.


World-class comfort, when getting on and off the vehicle

Largest in its class in terms of storage space

Stay worry-free as it takes care of your storage needs wherever you go.

The comfort presented by the world’s largest bed

The thoughtful consideration to soothe driver’s fatigue after long-hours of driving is reflected in the maximized size of the sheet.


The smart driving space, only by XCIENT

Optimal arrangement of hand-held switches, audio, multi-display operation information, fault diagnosis, axle weight (air supply), etc.


Simple and chic in style

Innovative design

Adopting the aerodynamic style of XCIENT’s innovative design with the inclination of the windshield, expansion of the front volume, and application of dynamic character lines

Outside mirrors

By increasing the outdoor mirrors to increase visibility, the presence of blind spots is reduced, and aerodynamic mirrors are designed/utilized to reduce noise and water sticking on the side of the glass.


Quality in Every Detail

Heated Steering Wheel

Ion generator

T.G.S knob

Electric Roll Type Sunvisor


Bedroom lamp


Can be flexibly applied to features.